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Reservations Frontline was established in 1994 to accommodate the demand for tourism to Zimbabwe. At the time, the target market was specifically at the self-drive client who wished to make use of Kariba Ferries, experience the natures of Zimbabwe in their National Parks as well as accommodation in Zimbabwe and enjoying the houseboat experience on the lake. Since then Reservations Frontline has grown to become a Destination Management, Booking Office and Travel Marketing Company. We are the official South African representation, sales and booking office for Kariba Ferries and Matobo Hills Lodge. We also market Return to Eden houseboat and Sanjika vehicle barge.

Our business is built on three pillars, a foundation that has allowed our business to grow and flourish for almost 20 years.

Rina Verbaan along with the directors of Kariba Ferries were the founding members of Reservations Frontline. Rina had extensive knowledge in South Africa as a destination with specific emphasis on Zimbabwe, the Drakensberg and the Transkei (as it was previously known as) and was the central booking office for many establishments. Unfortunately in 2001, after years of tourism in Zimbabwe depleting tremendously, Rina was forced to suspend trading and moved to Cape Town to retire.

In 2010, Andrea Bennett took over being the member of Reservations Frontline along with the 2 directors in Zimbabwe to re-establish the tourism market to Zimbabwe.

In 2013, Reservations Frontline created a marketing company incorporated into Reservations Frontline fold, called RFline Promotions. RFline Promotions sole purpose is for the marketing of various establishments to the tourism market.